The Great Chain of Being

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“The Great Chain Of Being” is the album's 7th song and was released with the launch of the. read more . 6.7K. 1.

The Great Chain of Being. Then came animals; then humans; and then angels. At the very top was God. Then within each of these large groups, there were other hierarchies. For example, among metals, gold was the noblest and stood highest; lead had less "spirit" and more matter and so stood lower.

Arthur Oncken Lovejoy (October 10, 1873 – December 30, 1962) was an American philosopher and intellectual historian, who founded the discipline known as the history of ideas with his book The Great Chain of Being (1936), on the topic of that name, which is regarded as ‘probably the single most influential work in the history of ideas in the United States during the last half century’.

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"The Great Chain Of Being" is the album’s 7th song and was released with the launch of the album. The song seems to be about a mighty being who wants to take over the very top of the.


The Great Chain of Being had its origins with philosophers Plato and Aristotle. This idea of thought was further expanded and derived by the philosopher Plotinus. The basic concept of this idea is an order, a natural order of structure, being a hierarchical system.

Expert Answers. The Chain of Being is a hierarchical list of power descending from God down through rocks. It is also referred to more commonly as the Divine Order. The chain of being was first theorized by the Greek philosophers- Plato and Aristotle (among others) and eventually becomes cannon by the Church of England.

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